Tokutei Shoutorihiki Hou(特定商取引法)

Information required under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions in Japan. service usage fee is an online distribution service with fixed yearly charge.
Annual fee: 10.00US$ (including consumption tax and enrollment fee, no shipping charge) Fee for 5 years: 50.00US$ (including consumption tax and enrollment fee, no shipping charge)

Payment timing and method

Our Service is billed on a subscription basis. Users will be billed in advance.
We accept payments by only PayPal. Please note that your payment method or payment due date is determined by the terms of use of PayPal company.

Timing of start of the service service starts upon successful completion of your payment method information registration.

Cancellation of subscription

You may cancel your subscription but all our products and service are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

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Representative: Mutsuko Yazawa

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Representative: Mutsuko Yazawa

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