March 23, 2020

#1173. “ROOTOTE” is a brand that aims to be the best in the world!

     “ROOTOTE”, a brand specializing with a wide variety of secret elements packed in a simple tote bag that continues to attract customers by overwhelming others with design, ease of use, and rich design.

“ROOTOTE” is a specialized brand of tote bags. They have gained the support of many customers for their abundance of items, high design, and ease of use supported by various devices. In 2019, when the company celebrated its 40th anniversary, the company name was changed to ROOTOTE CORPORATION to match the brand name. It is a sign of determination to become the world’s best tote bag brand. The company doesn’t think tote bags are just handbags. Taking a tote bag as one of the canvases, they collaborate with artists, tie up with manufacturers and collaborate with various events. By making social and cultural aspects of tote bags, they are working to create bags that go beyond mere commodities. The company has announced that it will focus on expanding overseas.