March 02, 2020

#1172. A space designer who captivates people around the world with innovative ideas!

     “Hashimoto yukio”, who is active in creating innovative spaces at the Hilton Hotel and Conrad Hotel, creating a space where tradition can live in the present!

“Hashimoto yukio” is a space designer who works in a wide range of fields, from world-renowned hotel lounges to various restaurants. The distinctive feature is that Japanese traditional crafts and techniques are incorporated into creating a new space. For this reason, inviting foreign guests to a restaurant designed by him, not only invited foreigners but also invited Japanese people are drawn into unexperienced spaces. A space that incorporates Japanese traditional crafts with innovative ideas and skillfully incorporated into nature has a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, there are no exceptions for overseas customers, and they are amazed by the space they experience for the first time.

hashimoto yukio design studio Inc.

Comments from Organizer

The space designed by “hashimoto yukio” can be confirmed in advance by visiting his site. If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, please try it once. I guarantee you will be impressed.