February 11, 2020

#1170. A revolutionary hero in the second-hand computer industry with a free lifetime warranty!

     A used computer that can be recommended for overseas visitors! Used computer export company “Ringrow” with excellent reproduction technology and quality control system!

“Ringrow” is a used PC sales company that is growing rapidly in Japan. A thorough service system supports the company’s growth. The warranty period for after-sales repair service is a surprising lifetime warranty. This is supported by the excellent second-hand computer reproduction technology that the company originally built. They also have a strict original quality check system before sales. Since the company was founded in 2001, it has steadily improved its business performance, and since 2015 it has offices in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. In addition, they plan to increase the number of bases in one location in Europe and two in the United States by 2020. “Ringrow” is a company with a completely different policy from those who simply export used PCs.