February 06, 2020

#1169. The world’s award-winning top-quality hybrid inkjet printer!

     This is a versatile multi-purpose inkjet printer “ValueJet 1627MH” for sign board and display printing!

“ValueJet 1627MH” won the “Best Wide-format Multipurpose Printer” of the European Digital Press Association Award at the international printing exhibition “FESPA 2019”. This award is the most prestigious and valuable technology award given to the highest-rated products of the year, based on technology innovation, quality, performance, and cost etc, for digital printing products and technologies each year. “ValueJet 1627MH” is excellent for printing a wide range of signs, including indoor and outdoor signs and signs. This company is a leading manufacturer of large inkjet printers. Printers with advanced flat printing technology are widely used in the global printing industry, including signboards, stores, car decorations, and T-shirts.