February 03, 2020

#1168. Freezing technology that preserves the taste of top chefs!

     The latest refrigeration technology “Proton Freezer” which does not know which is frozen, compared to freshly made and  impresses leading chefs and famous restaurants to drive adoption!

“Proton Freezer” is the latest freezing technology that changes the image of frozen food. It is an excellent refrigeration technology that makes no difference even if you compare the freshly prepared dishes of top chefs and the food that is frozen. The secret is that the frozen food crystals are so small that they do not damage cells and do not impair the taste. Proton Freezer is a hybrid refrigeration technology that freezes food by combining the three forces of “magnet power”, “electromagnetic waves”, and “cold air”, compared to normal refrigeration that freezes only by lowering the temperature. The “Proton Freezer” system requires the use of a dedicated machine to freeze the ingredients, but consumers simply store it in a conventional freezer. This is another reason why top chefs and famous restaurants are paying attention to “Proton Freezer”.