January 26, 2020

#1166. No.1 manufacturer specializing in gloves!

     Glove “MICROGRIP” that makes you forget you’re wearing it and surprises the world created by the leading manufacturer of gloves manufacturer “SHOWA”!

“SHOWA” is a manufacturer specializing in gloves founded in 1954. Since their founding, they have been devoted to the creation of original products and have created innovative gloves one after another. The recent hit product is “MICROGRIP”. The extraordinary fit makes you forget you’re wearing gloves.
“MICROGRIP” was created a unique technology that combines microfiber yarns made of material and yarns with excellent elasticity. It has become a global hit product with features such as high fit, sweat absorption, robustness, and no mess even after prolonged use. This company also has a high reputation as a specialized manufacturer of gloves with a wide product lineup.