January 23, 2020

#1165. The highest knife that the world’s top chefs love!

     “Takamurahamono”, the ultimate knife created by craftsmanship, was born to the legend that food can be cut with just the weight of the knife!

“Takamurahamono” is the ultimate knife, the world’s best, made with outstanding craftsmanship. In order to praise the sharpness, a legend has been born that only the weight of the knife can be used to produce ingredients. It is proved that top chefs not only in Japan but also in the world are enthusiastic about “Takamurahamono” and use it habitually. The sharpness of “Takamurahamono” is born not only from the skill of a craftsman called a master craftsman, but also from the combination of many times as much effort. For example, the work of sharpening the edge of knife only takes seven times. This knife is also called the knife that makes the ingredients delicious. It is said that the fiber of the ingredients is cut without damaging the cells.