December 09, 2019

#1164. The world’s first digital art museum which is visited by people from around the world!

     Since opening in June 2018, the digital art museum “teamLabBorderless” attracts more than 2.3 million visitors!

“TeamLabBorderless” is the world’s first digital art museum. Fascinated by art expressed using cutting-edge digital technology, it attracts many visitors from home and abroad. Since its opening in June last year, more than 2.3 million people have visited in one year, and half of the visitors are foreigners. Moreover, about half of them, more than 600,000, come to Japan for the purpose of this “teamLabBorderless” experience. This museum is composed of a single world, and anyone can enjoy it from the beginning. There is no doubt that you will experience art without borders that you have never experienced, and be immersed in the excitement. A new art experience that only experienced people can experience.