December 02, 2019

#1163. IT technology that won 98% of candidates using the developed campaign support system!

     “Peace Factory”, which is called “smart election”, and has a remarkable achievement in the campaign support system!

“Peace Factory” is an IT system company, and in the local elections in Japan in April 2019, 98% of candidates who supported using their own system were elected. The system is a groundbreaking system that has never been seen before, combining the list of politician supporters and map information, called “smart elections”. The biggest point of the system is that the time efficiency for meeting with supporters has been dramatically improved, and it can fit more supporters in the determined campaign period. In addition to this, it can be used as a tool for determining the priority of sending direct mail, and can carry out various election activities based on reliable information. This achievement has gained a reputation, and inquiries from politicians across the country are inundated.