November 18, 2019

#1161. Rapid growth through cross-border human resource services!

A fast-growing human resources service company that provides one-stop support for everything from recruiting and recruiting the world’s best talent!

This company is a fast-growing company that supports the recruitment of top human resources in each country to Japanese companies seeking excellent human resources around the world. The company’s growth factor is that it provides support to companies that want to hire talented people, including promotions, candidate acquisition, pre-screening, and obtaining work visas. In other words, it is a one-stop service that takes on all the business operations of companies that are needed to recruit overseas human resources. The company already has over 200,000 foreign personnel registered in 160 countries. These include students from top universities in various countries, including MIT and Indian Institute of Technology. In other words, this company acts as a bridge between students and graduates from universities around the world and Japanese companies.