November 14, 2019

#1160. A leather product brand that continues to receive the world-renowned design award!

     “SYRINX”, a brand of leather products with a new concept that the world ’s design awards are garnering attention!

“SYRINX” is an unprecedented leather product that has won many international design awards. Recently, at the European Product Design Awards 2019, the business card holder “TSUTSUMU” won the Silver Award. “SYRINX” leather products are highly regarded for their excellent design, ease of use, and the use of high-quality leather. “SYRINX” is a brand launched by architect SATOH Hirotaka. He looked for a speaker to install in the space that he designed, but there was no speaker suitable for the world. Therefore, “SYRINX” started by creating original leather speakers. “SYRINX” is an unusual leather product brand produced by an architect.