November 04, 2019

#1158. The world-renowned furniture manufacturer praised at the world’s largest furniture trade fair!

     “Ritzwell”, a high-quality furniture that attracts the furniture professionals from all over the world, taking advantage of the characteristics of the materials and focusing on details.

“Ritzwell” is a furniture manufacturer founded in 1992. It is highly regarded as furniture that has been repeatedly brushed up from two viewpoints of “practicality” and “aesthetics” and scraped off excess. The high quality and design of “Ritzwell” furniture is highly valued not only in Japan but also around the world. The proof is that the world’s largest furniture trade fair “Milano Salone” has been assigned the highest exhibition hall in the venue for four consecutive years since 2016. Only selected top brands leading the world’s interior are allowed to exhibit in this hall. Recognized for the delicate beauty of furniture produced by this company, famous international designers and architects, as well as many famous dealers leading the world furniture industry.