October 31, 2019

#1157. The world’s hardest artificial diamond “Himedia”!

     The world’s hardest orange artificial diamond “Himedia”, where the world pays attention to the possibilities of various uses!

“Himedia” is the world’s hardest artificial diamond developed by Geodynamics Research Center at Ehime University. The world is attracting attention because it has the potential for various uses, including industrial use. The characteristic is a polycrystal packed with a very small crystal of 10 nanometers, and it has the highest hardness in the world compared to other artificial diamonds. As a result of passionate research and development, it is now possible to produce diamonds that are 1 centimeters in size, and have also been commercialized as cutting tools. In 2013, when it was published in the English science journal “Nature”, it attracted worldwide attention and is currently working with about 30 groups.

Ehime University Geodynamics Research Center
Ehime Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

“Himedia” is the hardest in the world, but using a special laser makes it easy to process and the surface can be processed smoothly. Since it has the world's best hardness and ease of processing, it is expected to be used in various applications.