October 21, 2019

#1155. “MaBeee” made a revolution in batteries that have not changed for over 100 years!

     “MaBeee”, the world’s first device that can control dry batteries with your smartphone with IoT technology, is very popular due to its ease of use!

“MaBeee” revolutionizes dry batteries that have not changed for over 100 years. If you connect a toy that runs on dry batteries with “MaBeee” via an app, you can control on / off or slowness and fastness of speed on your smartphone. You can also learn programming or make your own toys with your creative ideas. One of the reasons why “MaBeee” has gained popularity is that you don’t have to buy a new toy, but you just add it to your toy train or car at home. This is a magic battery that can be used not only for ON/OFF but also into a multi-function through app.