October 17, 2019

#1154. Robotic Cart which carried drinks at the G20 party surprised the world!

     “THOUZER“, which is playing an active part in airports in Singapore, is a conveying robot that follows the master faithfully and helps to eliminate the shortage of labor!

“THOUZER” is a conveying robot that recognizes the person in front of you as a master and follows faithfully. With more than 300 vehicles already in operation including oversea airports. It has attracted attention as helping to eliminate labor shortages at various sites. The mechanism is that the laser sensor attached at the bottom of the platform recognizes a person and keeps track of the targeted person as a master. It supports up to 7.5 km / hour, a trotting speed, and the sensor covers 270 degrees around it, so it does not miss even when the master goes sideways. It’s a smart conveying robot that it will keep up with you even if the master is walking with other people, or suddenly turns right or left.