September 30, 2019

#1149. A paper workshop with a lot of hits by an emphasis on design and ideas!

     “Fukunaga Print” is a unique paper workshop where unique works generate many fans and collaborate with museum shops, and is pursuing the possibilities of paper and creating hits one after another!

“Fukunaga Print” was originally a town printing factory, but since 2006 it has shifted to paper works that emphasize design and function. The workshop was made famous by “Airvase”, which was taken up by the mass media after the announcement and received a great response from all over Japan. Furthermore, the paper doll series “TERADA MOKEI” announced was a big topic, and many Japanese became “Fukunaga Print” fans. You can check these at this company’s netshop “KAMIGU”. Now, we also sell products to department stores, specialty stores and museum shops all over Japan. In addition, they export their work to 20 countries around the world.