September 23, 2019

#1147. The world’s number one manufacturer that expands the world of LM Guide with new technology!

     “THK”, the first LM Guide developed and expanded in the world, is the world’s top runner who is expected to make further leap forward with innovative technology.

“THK” is the first pioneer in the world to develop and expands LM Guide, and the world’s top runner. LM Guide is a device that makes linear motion smooth and accurate, and it is built into every product in every field. The “THK” LM Guide has unparalleled accuracy and speed. IC parts required in the semiconductor field have an accuracy of 1 / 100,000mm. This accuracy can be achieved because of the advanced grinding technology that the company has cultivated over the years. In addition, the company’s new service that monitors customers’ products for 24 hours using IoT technology and proactively notifies customers of problems is also popular.


Comments from Organizer

“THK” is the world's top runner, and is eager to develop new technologies. Recently, a vibration isolator that protects buildings from earthquakes by placing them on the LM Guide has become a hot topic.