September 18, 2019

#1146. Oil adsorbing sheet “Magic Fiber” that nano fiber of new material demonstrates power!

     Oil adsorption sheet “Magic Fiber” with the amazing adsorption power and the latest technology that only adsorbs oil and does not release the oil!

“Magic Fiber” is an innovative oil adsorbent based on new materials and nanofibers that are expected to be applied in various fields. It has the ability to adsorb oil 50 times its own weight, and once oil is absorbed it does not escape. Moreover, it is an excellent thing that only the oil is adsorbed and the water is not absorbed. The company solved the cost problems of conventional nano-Fiber products through mass production. In addition, it has super water repellency, heat insulation, sound absorption and antibacterial properties. The mass production of “Magic Fiber” is evaluated for its cost and safety, and is expected to be used in various fields.