September 16, 2019

#1145. An all-plastic, unbreakable vinyl umbrella!

     An earth-friendly umbrella “Evereon” that surpasses the concept of vinyl umbrella and is durable and can not be thrown away!

“Evereon” is an unbreakable plastic umbrella that the ecological age has sought. The main features of “Evereon”, which has attracted much attention now, are as follows.
・ They use plastic with excellent elasticity and durability for bone material.
-Even if it is blown by a strong wind, the wind can flow freely. Even if you open it upside down, you can return to it without breaking it. Of course you can continue to use it.
・ Even if the fabric of the umbrella is torn, it can be replaced and used
・ They change umbrella cloth and match with color of bone and can make original umbrella only for oneself.
・ They cope with various scenes using umbrella and have unique handle which pursued convenience of person using.