September 12, 2019

#1143. A rare metal-related hidden excellent manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years!

     A manufacturer that has specialized in supporting rare metals for over 50 years, which are in the limelight as electronic materials!

This company is a manufacturer that specializes in rare metals founded in 1962 and continues research and development. They have started their business with the development of additives that strengthen casting products, and have developed and expanded their business along with the growth of the automotive industry. The distinctive feature of this company is that they have been focusing not only on the development of rare metal products but also on the development of measurement and analysis equipment for manufactured products. For example, by measuring a cast product with a tester that uses ultrasonic waves, all product checks can be performed without breaking the product. By providing not only materials that can produce good products, but also inspection of their manufacturing results, they are developing their business with the trust of their customers. Currently, this company is also famous as a high purity rare metal maker.


Comments from Organizer

The company's greatest strength is its ability to handle small amounts of prototyping while retaining state-of-the-art technology and facilities. In other words, they are active in niche areas where large companies can not get out there.