September 11, 2019

#1142. The world’s first small observation satellite project “iQPS”!

     An innovative method to observe the earth in real time, a small and lightweight observation satellite project “iQPS” with large performance!

The observation satellites currently in use use optical cameras, so they can not be photographed in real time at night or in rainy weather. On the contrary, “iQPS” uses radio waves that can be observed in real time regardless of the weather or day and night. In addition, it is small and light as 1/20, which is a conventional observation satellite, and its cost is 1/100. Furthermore, it is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar (Synthetic Aperture Radar) with high resolution, allowing vehicles traveling on the ground to be viewed from an altitude of 600 km. Even before the launch, this new observation satellite has attracted a great deal of interest from all over the world. “IQPS” plans to launch this new satellite by 2019.