September 04, 2019

#1137. World’s first two-screen electronic music score “GVIDO” with world’s performers raise!

     Put 4000 songs in this one and goodbye to heavy sheet music! Electronic Score “GVIDO” Revolutionizing the Sheet Music Market!

“GVIDO” is the world’s first two-screen electronic score. The general score size “A4 vertical” can be displayed in the whole spread “A3 horizontal”. The size is considerably larger than the largest size of the iPad, but the weight is 660g, 10g lighter than that. The musician was freed from carrying heavy sheet music to store 4000 songs in one. You can turn the page with a single button, and you can write and modify. It can be used for about 3 days by charging for 3 hours. When the performer moves, it is possible to bring it into the plane for preparation.