August 30, 2019

#1136. “POCKETABLE PARKA” which has both elasticity and strong water repellent function!

     There is no need to panic for the sudden rain, if there is this! Ultra light “POCKETABLE PARKA” to forget to have!

“POCKETABLE PARKA” is a super lightweight raincoat going to the cutting edge. It is about 82 g, half the weight of a smartphone that fits in the palm The material is nylon thread of 1 / 8th of the hair, and it can be carried in the chest pocket, but it is maybe a problem to forget that it is too light to have. Fabrics made with the most advanced technology are extremely dense, making it difficult to let through the air as well as rain. In addition, the rip-stop processing is given to the material, and the material itself is strengthened and even if the material tears, the tear does not spread further.