August 29, 2019

#1135. A revolutionary system that enabled fitting on the web!

     A revolutionary system “HAOREBA” allows you to try out fitting and coordination on the web and check it from 360 degrees!

“HAOREBA” is a dress change system that allows you to coordinate fashion on your PC or iPhone screen. It is possible to try the fitting and coordination on the web and check the appearance from the side and the back by rotating 360 degrees sideways. It is a 3D fitting system using a special software by shooting the item 360 degrees in a special studio.The great point of this system is that they use photograph, not illustrations. They planed to enable intuitive operations which made it easy for anyone. You can select the clothes you want to try on the mannequin and turn the mouse sideways to check coordination from various angles. It is expected to be used not only for fashion manufacturers’ websites or e-commerce sites, but also for promotions of exhibitions and shops.