August 28, 2019

#1134. The greatest hand-crafted Japanese tea caddies permanently stored at Victoria and Albert Museum in London!

     A Japanese tea caddies that impresses everybody who take in their hands. “Kaikado” is a studio that preserves the traditional method from 1875.

“Kaikado” is a long-established tea caddies manufacturer founded in 1875. The elegance of the hand made tea caddies this studio produces, impresses everybody who take in their hands. Everyone is amazed by the skill of the lid which close tightly just by placing onto the caddies. The tea caddies are all handmade by craftsmen, yet they keep the same way as they were founded. It looks simple, but there are more than 130 processes. Currently, it is sold not only in Japan but also in 10 countries including Britain and France, and is loved by celebrities around the world. In addition, it is stored permanently at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Because this tea caddies can easily store foods without losing the aroma and flavor, it can be used for various food preservation.