August 27, 2019

#1133. 90% of interior craftsmen use an automatic wallpaper pasting machine!

     Overseas interior craftsmen are also impressed by its labor saving and work efficiency improvement.

“ATHLEAD ALEX” is a machine that automatically performs wallpaper pasting instead of craftsman. Usually, hand gluing large wallpapers occupy a large amount of space and spend time on each piece. Also, if the glue is not evenly applied, the wallpaper will peel off and it will not be possible to paste it cleanly. But, if you use this “ATHLEAD ALEX”, just enter the length and number of the wallpaper and it will work as directed and glue it in just 10 seconds. Moreover, the intelligence of this machine adjusts the paste to be thick on the end of the wallpaper that needs to be firmly attached. “ATHLEAD ALEX” is easy to handle and helps to save labor and improve work efficiency, so it has overwhelming support from Japanese interior craftsmen.