August 23, 2019

#1131. The carbon cookware used by first class hotels!

     The far-infrared ray of carbon brings the magical effect, the world pays attention to the “CARBON POT OVAL” as a revolutionary cookware.

Although the carbon has excellent character such as “heat conduction” and “heat resistance,” however the “CARBON POT OVAL” are the world’s first cooking tools made by carving out 99.9% pure carbon graphite. Carbon’s superior far-infrared ray effects brings capable of shorting the cooking time and enclose the umami(savory taste) and the nutrition of foods. Add ingredients to “CARBON POT OVAL” and food will be ready in 10 minutes. Moreover, it is delicious without failing.  The secret of the deliciousness is done by the extremely precise carving technique that cuts out carbon with an accuracy of 1/100 mm. The lid and body curved with high accuracy is highly sealed, and it keeps the flavor inside the pan while its cooking.  The company also developed frying pans created with carbon and it is also popular.

Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

The chefs of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel have acclaimed the quality of the “CARBON POT OVAL”. The price is bit expensive , but the deliciousness of food is guaranteed in return.