August 15, 2019

#1126. A dream spider thread, “QMONOS”, with a strength of 340 times of iron!

     An artificial spider thread, “QMONOS“, manufactured from protein that changes the material of clothing and car body materials!

“QMONOS” is the world’s first artificial spider thread manufactured on a real industrial level. Produced from protein, this surprisingly robust new material not only has various functions but is also excellent in the environment. In 2015, in collaboration with THE NORTH FACE, they have succeeded in prototyping outer jackets of “QMONOS” material. This company has been researching mass production to reduce costs over a period of more than 10 years. And finally, they will start commercialization in 2019. If “QMONOS” is mass-produced, it is expected that this new lightweight and strong material will be used in various fields. Initially, it is expected to be adopted in the field of clothing and transportation equipment.