August 12, 2019

#1123. Gulliver of the professional dryer!

     Professional quick-drying dryer “Nobby” that is overwhelmingly supported by hairdressers!

“Nobby” is a brand of professional dryer used in beauty salons. There are more than 40 varieties and they are overwhelmingly favored by the beauticians and they have a share of over 70%. The biggest feature of “Nobby” is the speed of the wind, which has a wind speed of 17m per second, three times the speed of a general dryer. A strong wind shortens the time it takes to dry the back of the head and has the advantage of not burdening the hair. The secret to this wind speed lies in the company’s unique waterwheel-like shape. Unlike a general fan fan, it produces a big wind speed. In addition, the durability is outstanding because it is used for a long time at a hairdresser, and it is highly regarded in this respect.