August 09, 2019

#1122. A popular hot spot for both Japanese and international repeater!

     A hot spring inn “HATAGO Isen” that has broken the conventional common sense provided with eight types of rooms to suit the purpose of the trip!

“HATAGO Isen” is a hot spring inn that has completely changed the conventional hot spring inn from the viewpoint of the guests. You can choose your room according to your purpose, and even if you arrive at a late check-in, you will be impressed by the excitement. Also, the service that has been featured in many media is that you can experience not only just the hot spring but also various experiences. The ryokan takes pride in the local guide and creates a system that allows guests to enjoy not only the hot spring but also the local tastes, events, and manufacturing experiences. This is a hot spring inn that has a good reputation and is always waiting for reservations.