August 08, 2019

#1121. The top company that recycles its used tires in the world!

     Japan’s leading tire brand, a leading company that converts used tires into reusable and resource goods!

This company is a pioneer and leading company found in 1976 in Japan that converts used tires into re-use and resources. In this company, the main components of our business are to sort used tires collected, recycle them as alternative fuel for boilers, recycle materials as pavement material for roads, and reuse them as used tires. In particular, in the re-use business of used tires, they have a customer network in over 50 countries worldwide, and have secured a strong position as a pioneer and leading company. The company is highly aware of global environmental issues and is open to scholars to look at tire selection and recycling processes at their own plants. Many elementary school students in Japan and foreign buyers visit as visitors.