August 01, 2019

#1116. Astounding styrofoam that has evolved in strength and heat!

     Styrofoam with outstanding strength that will be used as a material for exterior walls and bronze statues!

The company has more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of marine products such as floating piers made from styrofoam. In 1999, they developed an innovative method of spraying urethane hybrid resin onto styrofoam and started manufacturing shaped objects for the first time in Japan. They are now a specialized manufacturer of styrofoam decoform, which manufactures construction decoform, ceiling materials, and all types of objects. The greatest features of this company’s styrofoam is its remarkable strength and its resistance to heat that does not melt when burned with a burner. In addition, as it has high thermal insulation, it is used on the exterior wall of school buildings and helping to reduce the cost of air conditioner.