July 30, 2019

#1114. Highly skilled factories group, ”YUKI Holdings”!

     A factory with manufacturing technology that excels from various industries gathered and there is no one stop production group “YUKI Holdings“!

The core of organizing this group is YUKI Precision Co., Ltd.       <https://www.yukiseimitsu.co.jp/english/>
Although YUKI Precision is a unique factory with its own R & D department, it has a reputation for high technology in the aerospace and medical fields. It requires extremely advanced technology and accuracy, such as rocket engine and satellite parts. This company is at the core, and aims to be a plant that is active in the world by grouping manufacturing companies with technological capabilities. For example, Meiko Futaba Co., Ltd., one of the group, has a technology that can process electric wires thinner than 0.05 mm in length, and is developing superconducting wires. Thirteen factories have already participated and it is hoped that the future leaps through collaboration will be made.