July 29, 2019

#1113. A wonderful transformed bike full of useful functions “iruka”!

     The wheel is 18 inches high when folded 48 cm, but the innovative folding bicycle “iruka” that the propulsion is 1.5 times!

“Iruka” is a revolutionary folding bike with 18-inch wheels. First of all, the height at the time of folding is only 48 cm. It’s 30% smaller than a regular folding bike, so it doesn’t matter where you put it, such as the car’s trunk, train seat, or desk. Also, it is nice for users to be able to roll and move even when folded. The lobby of the airport and the office will be able to move with you. They have also a lot of knowledge at bicycle parking place and can stand independently without a stand. No tools are needed when folding or unfolding, and it transforms quickly with one touch. There is no doubt that you will be your best partner.