July 25, 2019

#1112. The world’s top manufacturer of pressure gauges, “Nagano KEIKI”!

     The world’s number one pressure gauge company “NAGANO KEIKI” with a history of over 120 years specializing in pressure gauges!

“NAGANO KEIKI” is the world’s top manufacturer of pressure gauges with a history of over 120 years. It has an overwhelming share in mechanical pressure gauges, and is highly regarded for its high performance in precision devices such as pressure sensors. In the industry, when it comes to pressure, it is said that you should consult “NAGANO KEIKI” first. As a manufacturer of pressure gauges, they are keen on new product development, and have advanced into high-precision battery-powered digital pressure gauges and medical-related departments. In partnership with medical device manufacturers, it has been developing and measuring instruments that measure tongue pressure. As you get older, pressure on your tongue may decrease and cause aspiration pneumonia, which can lead to death. It is a tongue pressure measuring device to prevent this.