July 23, 2019

#1111. Innovative suitcase, “PROTECA” that can fix the wheel easily with the switch at hand!

     Suitcase “PROTECA” that provides safety of mind and security for people with the latest features packed with Japan technology!

“PROTECA” is a suitcase that has surprised the world, developed by the top manufacturers of travel groups founded in 1940 using Japan technology. It is the reason that travelers are instructed to consistently keep the product made in Japan and to blend the looks and performance. There are a lot of variations, and there are many travelers who own two or more “PROTECA” because they are from hard type to soft type and also from high capacity to carry-on. It has a caster stopper that can fix the wheel with one push at hand, and it also has a state-of-the-art function such as a quiet caster with an impact absorber embedded. “PROTECA” is a suitcase with many latest features, giving people safety of mind and security.