July 19, 2019

#1109. A revolutionary duct that brings sunlight into the room by reflection of mirrors!

     Breakthrough energy saving technology “Daylighting Duct System” that can utilize sunlight indoors! 

The “Daylighting Duct System” is a revolutionary duct that brings sunlight, which is a blessing from the universe, into the room by reflection of mirrors. Since it only reflects sunlight and uses it, there is no electricity bill, and adoption has begun in many facilities as energy saving technology. Inside the duct, an aluminum mirror developed by this company is stuck on the entire surface, and the sunlight is reflected by this mirror and reaches the room. What’s more, it is an excellent thing that ultraviolet rays are cut 99% or more from the sunlight that has arrived. Naturally, it also saves 15% to 25% on lighting costs. The specially shaped mirrors developed by this company can brightly illuminate the ground floor from a sunny 10-story building surrounded by buildings. The “Daylighting Duct System” is an energy saving duct that each world is watching.