July 17, 2019

#1108. The amazing technology that magnesium changes the laundry!

     Astonishing technology to reverse the common sense of washing, washing with the power of magnesium without using detergent “MAGCHAN“!

“MAGCHAN” is a revolutionary washing method, not washing with the power of conventional detergents, but with the power of hydrogen produced by the reaction of magnesium and water. It is a smash hit product that records sales of more than 2 million since its release. The high-purity magnesium 99.9% developed by this company produces hydrogen and alkaline ionized water and cleans the dirt. New ideas for washing with magnesium that have never been seen before have been featured in many mass media. “MAGCHAN” also exerts washing, deodorizing and disinfecting effects on laundry and washing machines.