July 16, 2019

#1107. The world’s first note to be worn!

     Wearable Memo which was not anywhere in the world has the convenience that many media pay attention to!

“Wemo” is the world’s first note to be worn. The novelty of the idea and the ease of use are rapidly increasing sales. Not only the Japanese media, it is a revolutionary product that attracts attention from overseas media. There are five types, Band type, Pad type, Case type, Sticker type and Skin type, according to the application, and supports a wide range of applications. The company has high expertise in polymer technology. You can easily make notes anytime, anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting important things. Also, you can erase it with your finger or eraser, and you can make notes as many times as you like. The trigger for development is to see nurses making notes directly in their hands. In addition to medical services, it turned out that it was required for disasters, emergency services, agriculture, fisheries industries, manufacturing, construction, etc. and full-scale development began. This prospect has hit and now it has become a big hit product.