July 15, 2019

#1106. The latest glasses “Touch Focus” which can change perspective mode instantly!

     Innovative electronic glasses “TouchFocus” that can convert hyperopia glasses into myopia glasses with one touch!

“TouchFocus” is a pair of glasses for hyperopia and myopia using the latest technology. They are shaking the eyewear industry with cutting-edge technology using electronic liquid crystal lenses. You can switch between hyperopia and myopia just by touching the metal part of the frame of the glasses. This company is a company with the world’s top share in spectacle lenses. So far, they have only supplied lens materials to eyeglass makers, but for the first time they developed products for consumers with “TouchFocus”. “Touch Focus” covers a wide field of view from far to near with just a momentary change of perspective mode. In addition, distortion of view is less, and weight is the same as conventional glasses. Also in design, they asked IDEO, a famous design farm in the United States to finish something new.