July 09, 2019

#1104. Mysterious shower head “Bollina” feels hot bath effect!

     The order rushes to the shower head which raises the body temperature by nearly 3 ° C, ultra fine bubble shower head “Bollina” of 0.0001 mm!

“Bollina” is an amazing showerhead with the effect of raising body temperature by 3 ° C. The secret lies in the Ultra fine bubble of 0.0001 mm (1 mm of 10,000 thousand) produced by a special shower head. Because this fine bubble penetrates deep into the pores, we feel warmth. By the way, 0.0001 mm is the extremely small size of 1 / 1,000 of the thickness of the hair. “Bollina” also has a high cleaning effect. When washing dirty scalp with hot water from “Bollina”, Ultra fine bubble entering the pore adsorbs to the dirt and removes it. Furthermore, in a university study, it turned out that the Ultra fine bubble of “Bollina” promotes the growth of plants, and it is drawing attention also from the agriculture field. Giving water containing Ultra fine bubbles to the tomato’s tree will result in a faster growth rate than if ordinary water is given.