July 07, 2019

#1102. Top manufacturer of heat resistant paint “okitsumo”!

     The first company in the development of heat resistant paint for the first time, leading company of heat resistant paint keeping the top share “okitsumo” which is covering a wide range of genres from kitchen supplies to aerospace industry!

Founded in 1934, this company boasts the top share in the field of heat-resistant paints. Heat-resistant paint of this company with functions such as “insulation”, “heat dissipation” and “lubrication” is widely used from frying pans and automobiles to rockets. It is also known as a development-oriented company that uses 30% of its employees for technical development. They develop various functional paints such as paint, photocatalyst paint, fluorocarbon resin paint, heat insulation paint, which are suitable for difficult materials such as silicone. Various functional paints run the top of the industry in terms of quality and market share as the world’s highest level of paint.