July 05, 2019

#1101. Amazing machine “ORIGAMI” that scrapes high precision micro parts!

     “ORIGAMI” machine essential for mass production of high quality small parts that is invisible to the naked eye creates new industry!

This company made the world’s smallest 0.1 mm square dice in 2016 and surprised the world. This time, they have introduced the machine “ORIGAMI” which mass-produces high precision micro parts automatically, and they are attracting world attention again. “ORIGAMI” has already contributed to the manufacture of ultra compact drones by providing extremely small parts necessary for a 4 mm diameter motor. Also, there are some innovative plans that exploit “ORIGAMI” to develop computers that can be seen. Currently, utilization in the medical field is presented as a realistic plan. Development of a globally compacted gastroscope and development plans for small robots to enter the blood vessels are underway.