June 24, 2019

#1095. “Magic Frying Pan” that makes a housewife enthusiastic!

     “Magic Frying Pan” made with extreme technology that confines the taste of ingredients with good thermal efficiency is impressed!

“Magic Frying Pan” is a frying pan made of iron castings. Iron cookware has a good thermal conductivity but it is “Magic Frying Pan” that broke down the conventional common sense that was considered unsuitable for cooking because of its heaviness. The realization of this is an overwhelming technical force that realized the thinness of less than 1/3 of 1.5 mm while the thinness of the cookware of the casting is said to be the limit of 5 mm. With this, it became the same weight as a general aluminum frying pan. Moreover, it has been proven to produce about 30% of ordinary iron skillet and about 50% of stainless steel electricity saving effect. There is a reason to attract housewives with “Magic Frying Pan”. Because it’s easy to use, it’s an amazing cooking utensil that increases the taste of dishes.