June 19, 2019

#1092. “Aoyama Square” where you can see Japanese traditional crafts at once!

     “Aoyama Square” where traditional craft items all over Japan gathered together, and you can see crafts of various production areas with one stop!

“Aoyama Square” is the only gallery & shop that gathered over 230 traditional craft items all over Japan. You can also purchase a number of excellent traditional craftwork throughout Japan from viewing with your own eyes, even in Tokyo. Besides the permanent exhibition of about 130 items, there is a special exhibit that will change every 2 weeks. During the special exhibition, production experiences and craftsmen’s production demonstrations are also being done, and it is popular with craft fans. Inside the store there is a touch panel type digital vision, where you can look up crafts nationwide and watch videos. A lot of foreigners come to visit, and staff who can speak English are also stationed. Of course, Online Shopping is also available.