June 18, 2019

#1091. The world’s first flying bike!

     Now, Hover-bike “Speeder” which is said to be the most realized air mobility!

“Speeder” is under development Hover-bike, but it is said to be the most realized air mobility and attracts attention. For the time being, “Speeder” aims to be used in deserts and swampy areas without road infrastructure. The reason is that it is necessary to revise and improve various laws and regulations in order to run on public roads. In the air mobility society that will be visited in the near future, “Speeder” is expected to be useful as a convenient means of airborne transportation, and various industries are interested. Consolidation of various advanced technologies is indispensable for the production of “Speeder”, and this company will have acquired advanced technology in the course of developing “Speeder”.