June 17, 2019

#1090. World’s highest AI’s speech translation application “VoiceTra”!

     “VoiceTra“, an innovative free phonetic translation application developed by Japanese government agencies over 32 years!

“VoiceTra” is a speech translation application using AI developed by Japanese government agencies over 32 years. Because it is developed by the government, it is a free application, but it has surprising function. As soon as you use it you will understand the high translation accuracy and ease of use. “VoiceTra” is compatible with 31 languages, first, it converts voice input into text by voice recognition. It translates it and plays it with synthesized speech, so you can use it facing your opponent. Not only has high translation accuracy but also fast response speed of voice input and translation, it can be used without stress. The translation accuracy of “VoiceTra” dramatically improved because they used machine translation technology by neural network (depth learning).