June 14, 2019

#1089. High spec 360 ° camera “Insta 360 ONE” for bikes and motorcycle riders!

     A 360 ° camera “Insta 360 ONE” that is fun to use favorably by bikes and motorcycle riders!

“Insta 360 ONE” is a high-spec 360 ° camera praised by motorcycle and motorcycle riders. When attached to a motorcycle and used as a Drive Reviewer, you can feel throughout the atmosphere around it and enjoy a great deal of fun. “Insta 360 ONE” is compact with just 82 grams and it is a 360 ° camera with unprecedented high spec performance of 4K / 24 million pixels of super high image quality and high performance. It is a new era 360 ° camera which has functions such as object tracking function and outstanding anti-shake function by 6-axis stabilization.