June 13, 2019

#1088. The only one-technology maker concerning ultra-small communication equipment in the universe!

     A small manufacturer “Addnics” with amazing technical power and craftsmanship who can create ultra compact communication equipment to use in space!

On June 27, 2018, NASA arrived at the asteroid explorer “Hayabusa 2”, the destination asteroid “Ryugu”. “Hayabusa 2” has a total of three rovers called MINERVA-II (Minerva 2). Rover is very small as 1 kg class, so we do not communicate directly with the Earth, but communicate with the mother ship “Hayabusa 2”. “Addnics” is a company that manufactures this communication equipment, and it is making communication between rover and mother ship. “Addnics” has surprisingly only four employees, but it is a one-of-a-kind manufacturer that combines high technology related to the development of compact communication equipment and unique craftsmanship. One of the Japanese economic newspapers introduced the excellent technique of this company as “craftsmanship traveling in the universe”.

Addnics Corporation

Comments from Organizer

"Addnics" is a small company, but by cooperating with large organizations and companies, they are wisely demonstrating the outstanding proprietary technology that their company possesses.